The art of finding loose Slot Machines

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The most well-known Zig Zag Method is the most commonly used strategy users use to find of slot machines that are loose. It is unclear the reason it was named”the” Zig Zag Method. It could be it is because the gambler Zigs and Zags between the casino in search of an establishment that has stopped playing in the event that they do not win any money, or in a perfect scenario they’ve been losing money on the same machine for hours. In any case Zig Zag Method is not a valid method of gambling. Zig Zag Method has no evidence from science to support these assertions.

In it is the Zig Zag method goes, the player is searching for patterns in the slots. In one instance, imagine that bananas are a winning slot. In the Zig Zag method player goes through the casino in search of the right slot that has the correct number of bananas that are on the reels. If there are three bananas on the payline, and another banana is one line away from the payline, it is an illustration from the Zig Zag theory. The slots are preparing to spin and you might soon be able to win the jackpot of a lifetime. game slot

Today, however slots are using what’s known as random number generator or the (RNG). The random generators used are inside computers which take the odds and determine which symbols will be displayed for every slot reel. Each time you place a wager and then pull the handle of the slot machine, a random number generator will determine the slots machines’ symbols across the reels.

This informs us that every spin at a machine are independent and distinct of all other pulls that come from a machine. A random numbers generator (RNG) creates every spin totally random. You can see that this is the reason they refer to it as random.

There is a widely accepted idea that casino employees places those “loosest” slot machines closer to the exits and entrances at the entrance and exits of casinos. Gamblers who play slot machines entering the casino spot other gamblers who are winning on these machines and decide they’d like to play. According to this idea, slots gamblers should never play slot machines located near the entrance and exits of the casino. These could be the most lenient slot machines that are on the property of the casino.

Another way to use this is that casinos will place loose slots in high-traffic areas. One example is near the cashiers and restrooms, and of course close to close to the ATM machine, and next to a table for gaming. If you prefer to gamble in the slot machines close to the entrance it is better to play on in a casino where the traffic is large.

This theory may be flawed. The theory I am speaking about is called the “hit frequency”. Hit ratio refers to the amount of times the machine earns instead of making money. This is how it works, one slot machine could have a higher frequency of hits while another might have lower hits (wins,payout) however, it will the payouts are higher when hits occur.

The casino personnel may place an area with an increased hit frequency close to an exit or entrance door, or in any other highly-trafficked area, such as the bar or ATM machine. It doesn’t mean that the machine is earning more than machines located in one of the other areas within the casino. It may be completely the opposite. Casinos aren’t in business to simply offer free money They are always finding new ways to attain these outcomes.

Don’t always expect to find the slot machines that are loose at the entrance of the casino. Be assured that the casino staff are aware of these stories. From my observation, the casino places the machines that have lower payback ratios in the slot machines where players might be more inclined to stay in place and play.


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